Dear activists and local development activists,

I am pleased to present the Higher Institute of Local Development (ISDL), your privileged partner. Created in September 2004, the ISDL is a private professional higher education institution that operates according to the triptych: teaching, action research and community services. ISDL is positioned as a pole of excellence leader in local development engineering in Senegal and Africa. Its mission is to work for a qualitative and sustainable transformational development of African grassroots communities. Convinced that all sustainable development must be of the bottom-up type, the Institute bases its action on a new paradigm of development carried by local actors and fertilized by the various contributions of their partners. ISDL strives to exercise its profession with a high level of competence, rigor and efficiency, in constant quest for value creation and in accordance with the principles of solidarity, openness and non-discrimination

In an international context marked by the growth of the knowledge economy, the ISDL intends to play the role of catalyst in all its interventions in order to contribute to the formation of a quality human capital. The social importance of the ISDL translates into the originality and quality of its training and services offer, which includes, among other things, certifying and certifying formats in the various specialties of local development, the provision of innovative methods and tools without forget the support of local actors in the formulation and implementation of their development initiatives.

In keeping with its quality approach, the Institute remains open to the development of partnerships, being convinced that the many challenges ahead require multi-stakeholder dynamics and the pooling of resources.

Finally, I express my gratitude to the ISDL stakeholders and urge them to work together to achieve the ambitious goals of our 2015-2019 strategic plan.

The General Administrator
Dr. Mohamadou SY

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