Qualifying Training Offer

Of certified training in Dakar or home …   ! In the classroom or remotely …

Training topics offered to executives

  1. Management of local authorities
  2. Project development and mobilization of financial resources
  3. Project Planning and Results-Based Management (MS Project)
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development projects (SPSS, Stata, etc.)
  5. Management of non-profit organizations
  6. Agro-pastoralism and adaptation strategies to climate change
  7. Databases and Geographic Information Systems

Training topics offered to enforcement agents

  1. Survey and quantitative and qualitative data processing techniques (Excel, Spss , Sphinx)
  2. Techniques of mobilization and social animation
  3. Approach value chains and economic animation techniques
  4. Establishment and management of   mutual health insurance
  5. Establishment and management of mutual savings and credit
  6. Development and management of community health projects
  7. Hygiene and sustainable sanitation techniques
  8. Communication techniques for development
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