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The research offer includes the research-action products co-developed with the partners, the incubator project and the Research Agenda of the Institute, and the end-of-study dissertation work carried out by the students.

  1. Action research products co-developed with ISDL
  • developing a local development planning model
  • the development of a sustainable financing instrument for local economic development
  • the design, testing and stabilization of a local aviculure valorization propotype in Nguer Commune Malal
  • the proposal for an inclusive model for managing a weekly Community market
  • the production of governance materials for African universities (resource mobilization, project monitoring and evaluation, and research administration);
  • developing a community tourism project model
  • the development of self-managed and profitable rural microenterprises
  • the proposal of a model of governance of pastoral organizations.
1.                       The ISDL incubator project

ISDL has an area of ​​120 hectares in the eco-geographical zone of Niayes which will house its incubator project. The incubator is an instrument dedicated to the reception and support of innovative small and micro enterprise creation projects carried by ISDL students or other entrepreneurs. Although the project focuses on all kinds of development initiatives, priority is given to high-value projects in the field of agriculture and projects to promote local products. In addition to the provision of premises, a certain logistics, incubates receive legal and tax assistance, advice for developing business plans or obtaining financing, seeking partners, etc.

1.                       Some themes from the ISDL Research Agenda

§                  Capitalization of the OIF experience in local economic development in Taiba Ndiaye ;

§                  Adaptation strategies of local producers to climate change;

§                  The analysis of the socio-economic viability of Senegalese communities;

§                  Determinants of the success of self-employment and youth employment projects;

§                  Philanthropy and the development of community foundations;

§                  Comparative study of business models of non-profit organizations;

§                  Evaluation of strategies for the sustainability of community development projects in Senegal;

§                  The competitiveness of local market garden products from the Niayes natural region ;

§                  Citizen participation in ASUFOR governance;

§                  Analysis of the impact of sectoral policies in local development;

§                  The contribution of ecotourism in the creation of wealth and safeguarding the cultural and natural heritage of the regions of Fatick, Ziguinchor and Tambacounda.

  1. Some examples of dissertation work done by ISDL students
  2. Idoundou STEVENS MABIKA,   Project Management and Project Management , ISDL, 2007.
  3. Koularambaye NGANA JOSUE ,   The intervention of the project of organization and village management in the region of Kaolack: perception of the achievements by the populations in Koupéthie Ndièguene , ISDL, 2007.
  4. Emilio Lopes CARDOSO ,   Project to create a Bancarisation Agency for the Poor Communities in Guinea Bissau (ABPDDGB),   ISDL, year.
  5. Cedric Maurel Mezui MBA ,   Environmental Analysis of the Soumbédioune Fish Market Site , ISDL, 2007.
  6. Saadna Ould BAHEIDA ,   Critical study of the strategy of fight against poverty in Mauritania: approach, results and limits , ISDL, 2010.
  7. Prisca Audrey Itsiembou NYOUNDOU ,   Evaluation of current activities aimed at restoring the childhood of children in care: the case of PRAESD located in Dakar’s Amitié 3 neighborhood , ISDL, 2010.
  8. Ouleymatou DOUKOURE,   Urban solid waste management in Dakar and Pikine by Senegalese concession companies: challenges and prospects , ISDL, 2010.
  9. Mamadou Diouf – Diègane NDIAYE,   The problem of the sustainability of school infrastructure projects supported by World Vision in the Fatick region: case of the rural community of Mbellacadiao , ISDL, year.
  10. Monique Alexandrine Fausther AZIZET,   Structuring the eco-tourism offer of a park: case of Moulakaba National Park Doudou du Gabon,   ISDL, 2012.
  11. Simon MANE,   Analysis of the vulnerability of children and development of a management strategy in the context of a mining zone: case of the Kédougou region , ISDL, 2012.
  12. Yanick Nilton Silva santos SOARES,   Problem of sanitation in Bissau and outline solution , ISDL, 2011-2012.
  13. Carmen Mamfoumby Moussavou ,   Analysis of the solid waste management system in a municipality: case of Ouakam ,   ISDL, 2011-2012.
  14. Sheikh Oumar SONKO ,   Contribution to the improvement of the management and the community exploitation of natural resources: case of the palm grove of the CIE of the Eleoul district , village of Kartiack , ISDL, 2012.
  15. Athoumani KAMARDINE ,   Contribution to the evaluation of the socio-economic vulnerability to climate risks of the population of the city of Guédiawaye , ISDL, 2012-2013.
  16. Babou Mina ,   Plastic packaging: issues and alternatives, case of Ouakam district in Senegal , ISDL, 2014.
  17. William Mathieu Ribeiro MADEIRA,   State of micro finance in Guinea Bissau: issues and perspectives , ISDL, 2009.
  18. Alfredo Dacosta ,   The issue of the sustainability of rural projects in Guinea Bissau: case of integrated rural development program in zone 1 , ISDL, 2007.
  19. MATHIAS KOFFI ,   Implications of Local Land Practices for the Decentralization Process: The Case of the Rural Community of GANDON , ISDL, 2011.
  20. Mamadou Amadou WANE,   Socio-economic and environmental impacts of local energy saving technologies at the household level: the case of the improved household in the village of Ngueye-Ngueye , ISDL, 2011.
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